Liam Angell (also known as Straight Shootin’ LJA)


I am a professional freelance digital video editor by trade, I also shoot & edit under the moniker of LJA Productions.

I am also proud to say that I am one of 3 co-hosts of the Live weekly football talk show Pitch Talk, of which I am also responsible for editing together the video material and putting the shows together.

In my leisure time I play football for Southern Amateur league team Ibis FC on Saturdays and I am a supporter of Premier League side Liverpool FC. I am also a keen cyclist and a fan of professional wrestling from the attitude era (1997-2002).

I do enjoy listening to music (deep and soulful house being a favorite genre of mine), reading autobiographies (I’m currently reading the book ‘I am the secret footballer’), watching wrestling shoot interviews &documentaries and I also enjoy watching football documentaries such as The Four Year Plan & Orient: Club for a fiver.

Along with all of this I do enjoy hanging out and having a social drink with my friends and indulging in a bit of banter.