About me

Sonia is the Founder of Inspirational YOU, a social enterprise whose aim is to educate, connect and empower professionals and future leaders.
Sonia VoxAfrica
Sonia is also a Diversity Consultant who leads on Race Equality training, gender pay gap, diverse recruitment, mentoring, awards and diversity policies and strategies. She currently supports organisations such as Sky, Deloitte, Hachette, Michael Page, Tate and Pearson to name a few.  Helping them to understand their D&I strengths and identify business improvements, enabling them to re-prioritise activities and rationalise their priorities.

She aides organisations to review their existing talent attraction strategy and recruitment principles to identify where bias may exist through processes or behaviours. Sonia has developed many impactful diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategies and brought this to life through meaningful actions. 

She had developed and strengthened governance structures for D&I accountability and ensuring that these are effective in cascading key messages about the D&I business case and rationale. She assists businesses to better understand the impact of their diversity initiatives and supports them to progress and achieve their D&I aspiration.  She works alongside leadership teams to better understand what they can do to strengthen accountability and internal relations.

Sonia is well networked and connected to senior leaders globally.  Alongside her Diversity role she runs Inspirational YOU, an award winning social enterprise that is focused on empowering women, Black, Indian and Asian professionals and young people. She was shortlisted as Stylist Magazine’s Inspirational Woman of the Year in 2019 and has won multiple awards and press for her inspirational and empowering work.

Over the last 15 years Sonia has supported businesses with their employee engagement and outreach and profiled hundreds of leaders on her panels in Parliament, Channel 4, BBC, ITV and the UK Supreme Court. She has up-skilled thousands and seen women return to work, develop their confidence and employment skills or go on to start a small business.

Sonia is a qualified football coach, Board Member of the Jason Roberts Sports Foundation, Committee member of the Black Cultural Archives and supports girls in Ghana. Sonia regularly speaks about race, gender and youth engagement and has an interactive social following. Sonia has a Masters in Digital Media and E-Commerce.

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