Tamsyn Wymer

Tamsyn Wymer

Profile pic - Jan 13Occupation: Social Media & Events Coordinator

Business: African Children’s Fund

How did you hear about my research? Via Twitter

Twitter name: @afchildfund

Linked In: Yes – personal profile & company profile

Other: Facebook – personal profile & company profile

Charity supported: African Children’s Fund

Business Type and name: Charity


What social media platforms do you use?

Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, both personally & for my job

How often do you check your social media platforms?

Several times each day. Once every couple of hours perhaps on a personal basis. Social media windows always open while I’m working.

How important is digital media in your business and personal life?

Personally – Facebook is very important to me, as it allows me to keep in touch with family & friends who live overseas. Twitter less so.

Professionally – Facebook & Twitter have been critical in allowing us to build an online supporter base of people and organizations who previously had no way of knowing about us. I established a personal LinkedIn profile to add weight to our organization but our company profile on LinkedIn is barely used and I’m yet to ascertain how useful that really is.

What do you use digital media for?     

News – Yes

Entertainment – Yes

Shopping – Yes

General browsing – Yes

Sports updates – Yes

Business promotion – Yes

How has digital media enhanced your business?

As a very small charity, prior to establishing Facebook and Twitter profiles, we were reliant on people knowing about us to support us. These profiles have allowed us to share our message with other charities, local businesses and interested individuals. It has also allowed us interact with various industry figures who will in turn influence others. Donations on our ‘direct donations’ page on JustGiving increased by over 700% and though we are  unable to obtain figures on the origin of those donations, it coincides with ongoing promotion of this channel through all our social media & web platforms.

Do you use digital media to support your chosen charity?


How long have you run your business and what is your role?

My job within African Children’s Fund was established in September 2011 though I had started volunteering for the charity in April of the same year, during which time I established basic Facebook and Twitter social media pages. I report into the CEO of the charity. My role is focused on social media, marketing, fundraising and events management.

Do you use social media to interact with your family or friends?

Yes! Predominantly via Facebook but also through Twitter to a much smaller extent.

What do you use social media for mainly work or play?

I’d honestly say 50:50 between them. They are crucial to my work but when I’m not at work, I use them for ‘leisure’!

How do you use social media for business, social interaction, fun, or current affairs?

Business & social interaction have been outlined previously. Current affairs – tends to be by using BBC News online portals – either their main website if I’m on a PC or laptop, or via the BBC News app if I’m not.

Do you share your social media updates across all platforms?

No. Where appropriate, I try to coordinate messages across Twitter and Facebook at a company level, but I make more Twitter posts than Facebook posts so certainly don’t put all messages on Facebook. For my personal accounts, I don’t share status updates & tweets at all.

Do you have two social media profiles? One for business and one for personal use? 

If yes, why?

Yes. 2 different messages & different audiences with different interests. Just because someone is interested in the charity, it doesn’t mean they’ll be remotely interested in me as an individual. And vice versa!

What topics of interest do you follow via digital media?

Personally: news, entertainment, sports people. I like that you can see a non-media-trained side to people through their personal Twitter profiles.

Professionally: charity, voluntary organizations, Africa, politics, news

Do you use Skype or Face Time?


Do you use Social media on your mobile phone?

Yes – Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Do you buy or read magazines, journals or newspapers online?

Read newspapers online occasionally, or just use a news-specific app. Rarely buy magazines & journals.

Do you book your holidays online or go to a travel agent?

Online, though sometimes through an online travel agent such as Mr & Mrs Smith

How much of your business and professional life is conducted online?

Too much I imagine!

Do you read and use social media when on vacation?

Only if there’s free wifi!

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