Nadu Placca

Nadu Placca

NadduOccupation: Event Manager

Business: madame blah / The Blah Project

How did you hear about my research? Trevor Williams

Twitter name: n4dup

Linked In: Nadu Placca

Instagram: n4dup

Business Type and name: Event Management

What social media platforms do you use?

FB/ Twitter/ Instagram/ LinkedIn

How often do you check your social media platforms?

FB- every 2 Days/ Twitter- Every 2 Days/ Instagram- Once a Week/ LinkedIn- When I see a message or am bored lol

How important is digital media in your business and personal life?

Not that important but I should probably be more involved in the media as it helps keep up to date with current affairs.

What do you use digital media for?

  • TV
  • News
  • Business trends
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping
  • General browsing
  • Get latest apps

How has digital media enhanced your business? Not sure it has.

Do you use digital media to support your chosen charity? N/a

How long have you run your business and what is your role? 16 months- Diretor

Do you use social media to interact with your family or friends? Yes

What do you use social media for mainly work or play? Play

How do you use social media for business, social interaction, fun, or current affairs?

Generally to keep up to date on the latest trends or info when time permits.

Do you share your social media updates across all platforms?

Only Twitter and FB.

Do you have two social media profiles? One for business and one for personal use? No

What topics of interest do you follow via digital media? Events.

Do you use Skype or Face Time? Skype

Do you use Social media on your mobile phone? Yes

Do you buy or read magazines, journals or newspapers online?


Do you book your holidays online or go to a travel agent?


How much of your business and professional life is conducted online?

Probably 50/50

Do you read and use social media when on vacation? Yes

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