Elaine Powell

Elaine Powell


Occupation:  Professional Speaker, Public Speaking Trainer and Storyteller

Business: Public Speaking Training & Coaching

How did you hear about my research?  fb or twitter

Twitter name:  @elainepowelluk

Linked In: elainepowelluk


Facebook:            https://www.facebook.com/elainepowelluk

Pinterest:     http://pinterest.com/elainepowelluk/

Business Type and name:  Speaking With Confidence

What social media platforms do you use?

Facebook, twitter and Linkedin.

How often do you check your social media platforms?

I check facebook and twitter hourly and linked in sporadically, perhaps every 4 days.

How important is digital media in your business and personal life?

Its important in both areas.  I definitely use it as more personal at the moment but in order to help my business grow, I must use it more for business.

What do you use digital media for? 

I use digital media more for ebooks, general browsing, research and business promotion.

How has digital media enhanced your business?

I upload videos to youtube which help me reach more people.  I am blogging on several platforms and have a small facebook following on my page.  My website is not Search Engine Optimised so when this happens, it will enhance my business more.

Do you use digital media to support your chosen charity?

Not really.  They send me information through the post.

How long have you run your business and what is your role?

I have really started running my business for the past 3-4 months.  My role is CEO and lead trainer at the moment.

Do you use social media to interact with your family or friends?

Most definitely as some of my family lives overseas.

What do you use social media for mainly work or play?

Mainly play but more and more work.  Blogs, tweets, posts.

How do you use social media for business, social interaction, fun, or current affairs?

I use social media to raise my profile for business.  Socially I mainly use facebook.

Do you share your social media updates across all platforms?

Sometimes, through hootsuite but not always.

Do you have two social media profiles? One for business and one for personal use?

Yes, I have a personal facebook page and a business one.  I want to keep the two separate.

On my personal facebook page, I share pictures and personal views and opinions that I don’t want everyone to see, that is why it is personal and not usually business related.

What topics of interest do you follow via digital media?

At the moment, I don’t really as too busy working on my own things.

Do you use Skype or Face Time?

I use skype to speak to my mum only.

Do you use Social media on your mobile phone?

Yes, I use my phone for facebook and twitter.

How important is digital media to your business or personal life?

Its very important to me.  I feel lost without it.  I use it daily and check it every hour.

Do you buy or read magazines, journals or newspapers online?

I sometimes read the Metro when in town but rarely online.

Do you book your holidays online or go to a travel agent?

I usually book holidays myself online only.

How much of your business and professional life is conducted online?

I would say 10% at the moment is conducted on line.  As my business grows, I will deliver coaching more via skype and google hangout.  I will be delivering webinars and teleseminars eventually and also will be selling products as well, so will spend more time online.

Do you read and use social media when on vacation?

I try not to as very expensive.  I will usually check it through somebodies laptop every few days or so.

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