Carly Wilford

Carly Wilford

Carly WilfordOccupation: TV Presenter, PR & Music Journalist

Business: Music Industry

How did you hear about my research?Forwarded by a mutual friend

Twitter name: @CarlyWilford

Linked In: Carly Wilford

Instagram: CarlyWilford

Charity supported: Nordoff Robbins

NordoffRobbins charity

Business Type and name:

Online – IAmMusic.TV & IAmMusicPR

What social media platforms do you use?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

How often do you check your social media platforms?


How important is digital media in your business and personal life?


What do you use digital media for?     


News  – YES
Business trends – YES
Gossip – YES
Entertainment – YES
E-learning – YES
Shopping – YES
E-books – NO
General browsing – YES
Sports updates  – NO
Get latest apps – YES
Business promotion – YES

How has digital media enhanced your business?

My whole business is based online so I would not have a business without it

Do you use digital media to support your chosen charity?


How long have you run your business and what is your role?

1 year – Director

Do you use social media to interact with your family or friends?


What do you use social media for mainly work or play?


How do you use social media for business, social interaction, fun, or current affairs?

Promoting artists that I am working with. To promote posts, videos and services we offer.

Do you share your social media updates across all platforms?


Do you have two social media profiles? One for business and one for personal use? 

If yes, why?

YES – They are two totally different things

What topics of interest do you follow via digital media?

Musical trends, releases and events

Do you use Skype or Face Time?


Do you use Social media on your mobile phone?


How important is digital media to your business or personal life?

Very – I use it to communicate with my team family, friends and clients

Do you buy or read magazines, journals or newspapers online?

I am the music columnist for Loaded Magazine but have never bought any type of online press

Do you book your holidays online or go to a travel agent?

Book them online even though my Mum is a travel agent

How much of your business and professional life is conducted online?

A lot!

Do you read and use social media when on vacation?


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