Who is Carla Narth?

Carla Narth, MD, re:act

Carla Narth
Carla is a highly experienced multimedia producer and digital strategist with over 15 years media experience.
Carla pioneered BBC Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra’s social media strategy, creating a solid framework for the networks to improve their brand presence and sustain relationships. She also delivered social media strategies for major BBC music events helping them reach millions of people on campaigns.

She has produced and directed some of music’s biggest names including Trevor Nelson, Tim Westwood, Chris Moyles, Kelly Rowland and many more. She has also delivered dynamic, interactive content from huge live events both nationally and internationally including BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, BBC Radio 1Xtra Live, the MOBO Awards, Notting Hill Carnival and 1Xtra in the USA, Jamaica and Ibiza.

Carla has extensive experience of working with young people. One of the pioneering projects she worked on was UTakeover for BBC Radio 1Xtra. This involved directing a Q&A with former PM Gordon Brown and a large group of young people whom she trained and mentored in radio and multimedia production.

As MD of re:act, a digital marketing company, she works ahead of the curve to help her clients build their brands and engage with their audience. Her specialist knowledge of the youth market and its relationship to new and emerging technologies gives her deep insight into the best way online media can work for key demographics.
re:act currently provides a diverse range of services including digital marketing, social media strategy and consultancy, video production, website design and more.

Clients include Island Records, The Hub Entertainment, Visitors (band), JustFrank Music and Eddie Botsio Photography.

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